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German Champion with hunting-merit,
German Veteran-Champion,
Club-winner with hunting-merit 2006


At the age of 12 we like to publish a statistic about Bessh's Offspring

BESSH * 27.01.01 - 17.03.2016
Or: the first choice of our son Mats

Mother: Flottatjärn`s Prima Inuit-Tuffy
Father: Siphra`s Indian Red Hawk

Breeder: Marianne and Günter Walkemeyer

Bessh and her four siblings had an easy-going childhood. A working mother Tuffy, an always good tempered aunt Flipp and a grumpy uncle Baloo were her daily grind.
No partition stress, no adjustment or adaption was needed, because the “human-pack” was the same as before.
Puppy classes and Youngster classes were visited together with her brother Bannok. Hunting training and also training for the companion-dog-test were an easy program.
Günter´s way: “Only a little bit of obedience training, attachment to the owner is much more important. Adventure walks and having fun together are essential. Then after your first heat, the “real” work will start.” Bessh listened well and waited 18 months until her first heat.
After an intense workup-phase – stone on stone – Bessh succeeded in her tests. She is easier to control then Tuffy and wants to do everything right. She believes and trusts Günter and can also relax during a test.
Lovingly called „Babybessh“ or „Archi“ by our children, this also reflects her position in our pack: the very bottom.
But this doesn`t bother her at all, life that way is carefree and relaxing.

Bessh had 3 litters:
  • D-Litter - Hircum’s Lysander:
    3/4Daagqq, Digger, Degana Widah,
    Denaiiana, Demothii, Duuna, Donoma
  • E-Litter - Heiko vom Lech-Toller Nest:
    4/5Enooqq, Enko-dabaoo, Eyiqqu, Enyjaaq,
    Eponaa, Enapaii, Ejyothaa, Enyjeeta, Eyvwiin
  • F-Litter - Springvale’s Roy’ll Flush:

Today she is still sweet-natured.
We intentionally gave her so much time before her first litter (4 ½ years) and we don`t regret it!

  • Aristocratic beauty with a tab of noble calmness
  • Inherited the joy of swimming from her father
  • Works exlusively for 'her' Günter and sometimes aska, if she is doing it correct

Facts and tests:

What? When? Result?
Hip-score 11.03.2003 B1 (FCI)
Elbows 03.03.2003 free/free
PRA-Test 11.06.2002 Type A (Free)
Temperament-Test 03.03.2002 Deffered (it was 5 month before she was
in heat for the 1st time and much to early)
Temperament-Test 20.09.2003 Passed
Breeding-Authorization-Test 13.09.2003 Excellent (Assenmacher-Feyel)
Companion-dog Part A 24.05.2003 52/60 - Very Good
VDH-Hundeführerschein 06.07.2002 Passed
Dummy-A 15.03.2003 Sorry, not passed (run-in)
Dummy-A 06.04.2003 Passed 26/40 (Good)
APD-F 19.11.2006 Sorry, not passed (Double-mark)
Epreuve B 28.06.2003 Passed
JP/R 28.09.2002 Sorry, not passed
(don't retrieving the duck)
JP/R 13.10.2002 Passed with 239 points
JEPs 20.10.2002 Passed (KJV Tübingen)
BLP/R 25.09.2004 Passed with 285 points
VPS 16./17.10.2004 Sorry, not passed (blood-tracking)
RGP 14./15.10.2006 Passed with 188 points (1st prize)
Working-Test Beginner-class diverse Sorry, all not passed (each time 1 test with 0 points)
Work and Show
LG-Südwest (DRC)
06./07.05.2006 Work: 3rd, Show: Excellent and BOB
Total: Excellent 3rd
German Champion with hunting-merit 10.07.2006  
Club-winner with hunting-merit 18.11.2006  
German Veteran Champion 04.10.2009  
Veteran-Cup - 2009, 2011, 2013 diverse Passed
Breeding-licence (DRC) 18.11.2003 Qualified for special hunting-breed

Summary of the German Retriever Club "Character-/Temperament-Test":
The 32 month old toller-bitch showed a high will-to-please. Her bond and her leadability were highly visible. Her passion for hunting showed well. She is friendly in contact with strangers. She is confident during the circle-test and rushes to her handler. She is resilient to optic and acoustic impulses. The bitch is steady to shoot.

Summary of the Breeding-Authorization-Test:
Good size, great expressive bitch-head, very feminine. Good anatomy, chest slightly not deep enough, slighly not enough knee angulation. Very good movement.