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Int.Ch. - Champion International de Beauté (C.I.B. - FCI)
German Champion with hunting-merit

Ortenau-Winner 2010, Slovenian Winner 2012

2013-07-28 Prize for the best Tolling - TJP Okl Ockelbo

RYYD * 23.09.08
Or: "... you can't give away a dog like that ..."
Mother: MicMac Hunter's Bessh
Father: Springvale's Roy'll Flussh

Breeder: Marianne und Günter Walkemeyer

Take a look at the pictures!

It took us a long time before these first lines were written. Meanwhile he is 13 months old, but still not all can be said about him. The citation above: „… you can´t give away a dog like that…” is from a friend, who also breeds Labradors. She certainly didn´t mean, that he was a handful with whom nobody could be trusted.
No – Ryyd is a very special dog.

Up to now he has mastered everything and likes to be part of everything.
In contrast to other Tollers he loves people and is always friendly and happy.
At the age of 12 months he passed his first hunting test for retrievers with a very good result.
In particular he was born for hunting work. Here he can show what the breed was made for and some specimen still show today.
Even at the Temperament-test – before it even started – during the judges´ questionnaire (she likes the dogs being loose) he examined the whole area.

“It cannot be that there is nothing here to search and find”
And he greeted all of the people.

He has also been to his first show! At his first show he was just 9 months old and able to start in the youth class. We had a very experienced judge from Sweden, who was very reserved in handing out CACs. As the ring secretary asked him about Ryyd, his answer was “I give him everything.”
He wants precise structures and difficult exercises in his training. In the field he is very tough - Blackberries, thicket, or reeds – nothing can stop him!
We are going to keep on watching his development very carefully and will assist and challenge him, certainly living and working with him will stay pleasurable.
Already the pack is unthinkable without him.

  • A charmer, who appeals to every person
  • Has the freedom to do everything he wants with 'his' girls
  • Has an enormous work enthusiasm and is very tough in difficult terrain
  • A qualified and persistent swimmer
  • Easy handled and trained

Facts and tests:

What? When? Result?
Hip-score 11.2010 B1/B1
Elbows 11.2010 G/G
PRA-Test 12.11.2008 Type B
DM-Test 23.06.2011 Free
CEA-Test 21.07.2011 Type B
Tempereament-Test 14.11.2009 Passed
Breeding-Authorization-Test 03.03.2011 Excellent
JP/R 04.10.2009 Passed with with 241 points
Young Star Trophy 03.07.2010 Very good - 8th place
Official (SSRK) Tolling-Hunting-Test (Beginners class) 24.07.2010 - Sweden 1st Prize - 3rd place
BLP/R 04.09.2010 Passed with 281 points
Work and Show LG Südwest (DRC) 09./10.10.2010 Work: Excellent 1st place
Show: Excellent 2nd place
In total: Winner "Work and Show"
VPS 15. and 16.10.2011 Passed 187/200 points (2nd prize)
RGP 06. and 07.10.2012 Passed 194/220 points
Breeding-licence (DRC) 09.08.2011 Qualified for the program "Special hunting-breed"
International shows
Diverse participating 7 times - 3 times Ex1 CACIB, 1 time Ex2 CACIB-Res, 2 times Best-of-Breed

Summary of the German Retriever Club "Character-/Temperament-Test":
The 13 month old male is very agile. He has a distinctive drive and a playful attitude. He has a high degree of alertness and is very persistent.
He has a very good prey attitude; he carries his prey and retrieves it to his owner.
The relationship to his owner is very good, just like his subordination.
He is open-minded and confident among people; he masters narrowness without a problem.
He masters the optical and acoustic course without any problems and examines everything by his own.
During the shot he is confident and alert; he curiously looks for his prey.

A happy and great companion dog.

Summary of the Breeding-Authorization-Test:
good size, masculine head, very typical, medium eye color, good carried ears,
excellent body, accurate lines and angulation, a little white on chest and paws, very good character/temperament.


5,5 Jahre, Urlaub in Schleswig-Holstein - 5,5 years, holidays in northern Germany
3,5 Jahre, Urlaub in Norwegen - 3,5 years, holidays in Norway

Close to his 3rd birthday

Training with a fox
Watching the water
"Bringselverweisen" - going out
"Bringselverweisen" - at the deer, picking up the 'Bringsel'
"Bringselverweisen" - going back to the handler, carrying the 'Bringsel'
"Bringselverweisen" - leading the handler to the deer, always carrying the 'Bringsel'

22 month, Tolling-Hunttest in Sweden

11 month, holidays in Norway
8 month, already very experienced in the water
6 month, first hunting training
10 weeks, the first snow