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German Veteran-Champion


FLIPP 10.11.1999 - 10.05.2013
Or: just as the name implies ... nobility requires a certain attitude

Mother: Lennoxlove‘s Bronze Trinket
Father: Lennoxelove‘s Jasper Jones

Breeder: Marile Waterstraat und John R. Hamilton, Maceton-USA

After a three-day emotion slide and numerous calls with Lufthansa-Cargo in Frankfurt, our US-puppy landed in Frankfurt in the middle of February.
The little, skinny thing jumped up to my nose tip again and again in the airport kennel and so she had her name set: Flipp.
At the age of 13 weeks she was a guest at the puppy play classess. Youngster classes were visited with Atsina, the training for the companion-dog-test followed afterwards.
Flipp learned very quick, but very different. She enjoyed clicker training, that I had to learn from scratch!
Retrieving was done without force or not at all. This dog taught me everything about body language; how to interpret the smallest signals.
Many trainers, voluntary or professional, yielded to despair. Her avoidance behavior towards loud diesel noises still causes us trouble today.
4 years I trained Flipp so that she would accept everyday buzzing and humming noises, afterwards we then could do the dog-companion-test.
If I am not sure of myself and give unclear signals (exam nerves), Flipp stops moving: “You calm done or I won’t do anything at all". My uncertainty blocks this dog, she doesn`t want to do anything wrong. This is the reason why Günter handles her during tests.
2005 we took her duck hunting: This is a dog with a lot of endurance, drive and strong will.
In our pack she fills out the middle position and takes over the aunty role by litters, which she fills out perfectly.
She is our police and mobs our little fuzzies.

This dog cost us a lot of nerves! Flipp is definitely not an easy dog and above all very moody.
For a long time we struggled if she should be in our breeding program, after all her line isn`t represented here in Europe and we had chosen her because of this. Late, very late – almost 6 years – we took a chance. Today we are glad that it didn`t work out.
Who knows how much worries we spared ourselves from, because in the end everything falls back to the breeder…

  • Princess on the pea alias the police
  • Marianne's favorite
  • Steadiness ist her benefit

Facts and results:

What? When? Result?
Hip-score 11.03.2003 B1 (FCI)
Elbows 03.03.2003 free/free
PRA From the pedigree Type A (Free)
Temperament-Test 02.03.2002 Passed
Breeding-Authorization-Test 20.07.2002 Excellent (Assenmacher-Feyel)
Companion-dog 02.11.2002 Sorry, not passed
Companion-dog Part-A 24.05.2003 49/60 Points – Good
Dummy A 15.03.2003 Sorry, not passed (Handler quits after free-search)
Dummy A 13.07.2003 Sorry, not passed (Handler quits after free-search)
Dummy A 02.10.2004 Sorry, not passed (Dog didn't retrieve)
Dummy A 12.03.2005 Sorry, not passed (2 times run-in)
Dummy A 07.05.2005 49/80 Points – Good
Breeding-licence (DRC) 01.06.2005 Qualified for standard-breed
(Requirement: stud need to have hunting-merit)

Summary of the German Retriever Club "Character-/Temperament-Test":
A friendly, small toller-bitch of 28 months, lively and enjoys movement. She follows her handler everywhere and doesn`t let her out of her sight. Typical attitude of a pack member finally having her handler all to herself. Her hunting instincts were highly visible. Alertness und subordination shows in a high degree. She is certain, friendly and curious towards strangers. However touching doesn`t need to be included. All in all she is certain and brave in the course. She shows temperament during the shoot.

Summary of the Breeding-Authorization-Test:
Good size, expressive feminine head. Excellent body in all parts. Good carrying of the tail. Very good movement, rear being a little tight. Very good coat and nature.