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2015-07-24 Prize for the best Tolling - TJP Okl Ockelbo

Hettdyii * 23.01.11
Or: "... normal isn't an option!"
Mother: MicMac Hunter's Donoma "Lille"
Father: Redadict Unstoppable "Ville"

Breeder: Marianne and Günter Walkemeyer

Take a look at the pictures!

When it was clear that a bitch from the upcoming litter would stay with us, the name was picked out in a short time: It is pronounced Hätti! .... (I should have known better!!!).
This small, long, dark red sausage, which also got a black nose, stood out only by her front feet which white-speckled a bit. In her development rather inconspicuous, her looks were the focus. While her siblings wore fur, she stayed short-haired and dark. During our visit at the Böllatmühle with Angelika and Friedrich in the 7th week, Friedrich embraced this little beast by saying, "A dachshund!"
Well, the comparison is not even that off... however, the legs turned out straight and long like a deer’s!
My trainer-colleague and friend, Uschi tested the entire litter, even with game. My sister Hella wrote protocol. To keep this dog wouldn´t have crossed my mind. This little animal was too bouncy and agile, and then the black nose and those deep looking eyes. All my arguments against this dog fell on deaf ears with Günter. It had to be THIS one!
Puppy classes were by Nicole. Nicole´s terrain is generous, and everything was prepared with a lot of love. A horse watched from the neighboring fence. Hettdyii saw it and ran to retreat. There was a hole in the fence (where only a madman would have fit through) and she spent the rest of puppy class under my car.
I thought, "Well this is going to be fun."
She didn´t join in with Labrador puppies of the same age. They are not RED, and she would rather play extensively at home with Ryyd, showing herself a little arrogant at such a young age. Günter managed it rarely for youth classes.
Compared with her siblings Hettdyii is pretty uneducated. For me it was important that this little animal learned to swim in her first summer, and she did brilliantly. Thanks to a life jacket she swims like a rat in the water. She takes the direct entry, is quiet and gets in without hesitation.
What was already visible during the puppy test was confirmed by an ability test with Edgar Wagner. Hettdyii has her own idea of retrieving and is an absolute nose dog. In spring 2012 she was the first Toller in Germany who passed the VJP (junior-hunter for pointing-dogs) in a very good range. On a fresh rabbit track she can show her talents: endurance, strong will and nose strength. Two weeks later together with 4 siblings she passed the JP/R (German Youth Hunting Test for Retrievers) likewise in a very good range.
All abilities for a suitable hunting dog are available. We just have to point them in the right direction, and that's a lot of work. It is going to stay exciting!
Just as with Ryyd we are also in a hunting dog course with Manfred and Willi in Aldingen. Here we are challenged and supported. Now and then the following sentence slips out from Manfred: "Go on, tell your dog that in Retriever-German!"
This type of communication has paid off, our (no longer) little whirlwind passed further tests this year (2012), the tolling hunting test (beginner class) in the 3rd prize, the first Toller to pass a HZP (senior-hunter for pointing-dogs) in a very good range and the hunting-usability test (JEPs) - a thoroughly successful first year of testing.

  • I want, I want, I want, …
  • has an uncanny work ethic and is always ready
  • likes to sleep in late
Summary of the German Retriever Club "Character-/Temperament-Test":
The 21 month old bitch has a well-balanced temperament, drive- and play attitude.
She shows great endurance and alertness.
Her prey-, carry- and retrieve-attitude are highly present.
The relationship to her handler is very good and trustful, a very good subordination.
She is confident among people, but not very interested. She passes narrowing sitautions.
During the shot she is confident and alert, she curiously searchs for her prey.
She looks at the optical and acoustic course with her handler.
An active bitch with a very good relationship to her handler and will-to-please.
No remark in the rating-sheet for 'Problematic behavior'.

Summary of the Breeding-Authorization-Test:
Small bitch. Feminine head.
Very good eye color and pigment. Well carried ears.
Built very good. Correct lines and angulations.
Fluid drive.

Facts and Tests:

What? When? Result?
Hip-score 12.2012 A1 / A1
Ellbows 12.2012 0 / 0
PRA-Test 05.2013 Type: nornal/clear
CEA-Test 05.2013 Type: nornal/clear
CP1 (Cleft Palate) 02.2014 Type: normal/clear
JADD (Juvenile Addison's Disease) 02.2014 Type: Probable normal
Haplotype 12.07.2011 11 / 2
Breeding-Authorization-Test 26.03.2013 Very-Good (Assenmacher-Feyel)
BLP/R 26.10.2013 Passed with 247 points
JEPs 23.09.2012 passed
HZP 15.09.2012 158 Points (very good)
Official (SSRK) Tolling-Hunting Test (TJP) Different dates - Sweden Beginners-Class 1st Prize
Open-Class 2nd Prize
JP/R 28.04.2012 246 Points (very good)
VJP 14.04.2012 64 Points (very good)
Breeding licence (DRC) 07.2013 Qualified for 'Hunting breed'


October 2014 - Family reunion

Impressionen aus 2012

6 Monate, erstes Jagdtraining - 6 month old, first training with cold game

Haarwildschleppe im hohen Gras - rabbit-track in the gras
Bringen aus der freien Suche - retrieve out of the free-search
Federwildschleppe im hohen Gras - duck-track in the gras
Hier geht's rein und wieder raus, aber sehr schwer im Bild fest zu halten - wie geht's weiter? This is the way in and the way out, but it's not easy to take pictures - what will we do next?
Einzelmarkierung über Wasser auf eine Insel - Single mark across the water on an island