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LILLE 25.06.05 - 17.12.14
Or: The not planed fifth dog...

Mother: MicMac Hunter's Bessh
Father: Hircum's Lysander

Breeder: Marianne and Günter Walkemeyer

This dog and her siblings spoiled our daughter`s graduation ball – one could also say: Clearly a case of bad timing! Günter and I could still witness the official part, but then our cell phone rang. Our dog sitter was nervous – a perfect call.
Bessh already had bearing-down pains and as soon as we got home I could already welcome the first puppy. It was “right side”; Donoma. Six spirited puppies followed. Bessh´s first litter was here!
In the 12th week doctors diagnosed allergic asthma triggered by dog hair in Donoma`s new family. Neither the famliy nor the pup was to blame. One week later the small, lively „thing“ moved back in.
Grandma ignored it, aunt Flipp raised it, uncle Baloo didn`t find it funny – another eater – and mom Bessh was rid of her baby role.
Our daily schedule had to be changed; long walks were divided up, because a small puppy had to come along; the new car had just been setup for four dogs…
We couldn`t go to puppy classes, because the little pup had kennel cough. Afterwards Günter went straight to the hunters and sometimes participated in DRC youngster courses.
Raising a puppy, keeping an adult dog (Bessh) in good competing condition and also keeping three other dogs high spirited – we have been keeping this balancing act up since September 2005.
Everywhere Lille shows up she amazes people.
An absolute working dog, intelligent, enduring and easy handled. The little bit of pepper which Bessh misses, Lille has it. She is our “alarm” in the pack. She is the first one to bark, but then lets the oldies check it out … OH LILLE!
Lille wasn`t planed, but now everything is good the way it is. She is great, happy, super teachable, very affectionate and always nearby.
Today June 2008 she is almost 3 years old and sometimes still acts like a baby. Unthinkable that at this age she could already be in a breeding program, this example shows us how absurd it is to use 18 month old dogs for breeding – we don`t understand it. Lille will have babies at some time, but not now.

  • An always happy, small bitch with a lot of esprit, who loves Günter
  • During the week she spends her time in the Kennel "Model Marianne"
  • On the weekend she explodes in the fields with Günter
  • Her Esprit is only easy to handle by people with a lot of experience, strong nerves and a precise schedule

Facts and tests:

What? When? Result?
Hip-score 05.02.2007 A2 (FCI)
Elbows 05.02.2007 free/free
PRA-Test 24.01.2006 Type A (free)
Temperament-Test 13.05.2007 Passed
Breeding-Authorization-Test 22.05.2008 Excellent (Assenmacher-Feyel)
Companion-dog Part A 07.07.2007 58/80 - Good
APD-A 19.11.2006 Sorry, not passed (water-work)
JP/R 08.10.2006 Passed with 245 points (Best dog of the day)
JEPs 22.07.2006 Sorry, not passed (rabbit-track)
JEPs 05.08.2006 Passed (KJV Böblingen)
BLP/R 29.07.2007 Sorry, not passed
Schnupper-Working-Test "Young Star Trophy" 08.07.2006 Passed with 71/100 points
WT-A "Rems Murr Cup" 24.03.2007 Passed with 100/120 points - Very-Good
WT-A "Miles And More" 30.06.2007 Sorry, not passed (Quit by handler)
Newcomer-Trophy 2007 08.09.2007 Sorry, not passed
WT-A "Schwaben Trophy" 06.10.2007 Passed with 98/120 points - Very-Good
WT-A "Rems Murr Cup" 08.03.2008 Passed with 94/120 points - Good
WT-A "Taubertal Cup" 15.03.2008 Passed with 97/120 points - Very-Good
Breeding-licence (DRC) 15.10.2008 Qualified for standard-breed (no requirement)

Summary of the German Retriever Club "Character-/Temperament-Test":
The 22 month old Toller-bitch has a highly playful. She is high spirited and enjoys movement. The bitch was alert. Her hunting instinct was highly visible. In contact with strangers she is absolute friendly and confident. During the circle test and in the supine position the bitch is fully resilient. She is willing to subordinate and has a close, trusted bond to her owner. She is steady to shoot.

Summary of the Breeding-Authorization-Test:
Accurate size, lovely head, a lot of charisma. Excellent body, beautiful lines and angulations. Fluid drive.