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TUFFY 19.08.96 - 26.10.2011
Or: Next time everything will be different...

Mother: Flottatjärn’s Kitimat Chessies Moxa
Father: Nordwart Priamos

Breeder: Ewa-Maria Carlson, Hysna-Sweden

Tuffy's 13th birtday during a summer vacation in Norway (2009)

In October 1996 Günter brought back a seven and a half week old toller-bitch from Sweden.
A vivid letter exchange and endless calls took place before; even Alison Strang had a look at the pedigree.
Günter wanted a dog to work with, Marianne wanted a bitch.
Puppy and youngster classes with Ute Narewski, training with hunters up to the practicability test and dog-companion-test by the German Retriever Club (DRC) were the basic stones. Tuffy learned very quickly, offered a lot and sticks out because of her rapid speed. Up to today she can`t sit still and wait.
She enjoys working a lot, the loves duck hunts the most, where you can retrieve a lot! During a hunt she can keep her mouth shut, whereas those stupid sand sacks don`t have ears and thus won`t run away after a screech. By the way: “Why should I follow directions, if I know where it is on my own.
Tuffy has a suicidal tendency. She almost didn´t survive a hyperthermia, a bee stung had caused a allergic reaction and the countdown already had started.
A different time she had eaten from a compost pile with snail bait. The early recognized poisoning with twelve hour anesthesia and ongoing infusion let her survive. Tuffy is a dog that can overcome a setback and doesn`t blame us. She forgives us our weaknesses.
In the meantime she is our gray beard. Sovereign she leads the pack and without any doubt of her status. Even though Günter trains a lot with Bessh and Lille; she still demands her training and shows her dependability with her own touch.
She received the puppies along the way, did the absolute necessary. Right away she wanted to go out to work again.
Career mom!

Tuffy's 3 litters:
  • A-litter - Alvarkantens Bobby:
    1/2Atuko, Aponi, Atsina
  • B-litter - Siphra‘s Indian Red Hawk:
    3/2Bannok, Bigan, Bilox, Byjaa, Bessh
  • C-litter - Vildandens Store Baelt af Maxjax:
    0/3Chumash, Casca, Cajun

Today (June 2008) she stands shortly before her 12th birthday and like always she is - a fast and impatient worker, persistent in the search and always with overwhelming will to please.
It doesn`t even come to her mind to give up the pack leadership.

  • Sovereign and calm bitch with a bended ear
  • Not necessarily easy handled, but not unforgiving
  • Packleader
  • Günter's favorite

Facts and tests:

What? When? Result?
Hip-score 07.04.1998 B1 (FCI)
Elbows 07.04.1998 free/free
Temperament-Test 17.05.1998 Passed
Companion-dog part A+B 27.02.1999 Part-A (51/60 Points) and Part-B passed
Breeding-Authorization-Test 02.09.1998 Very Good (Assenmacher-Feyel)
JP/R 28.03.1998 Sorry, not passed (Water-work and steadiness)
JP/R 19.04.1998 Passed with 209 points
JEPs 25.07.1998 Passed (KJV Tübingen)
BLP/R 03.10.2000 Passed with 235 points
Veteran-Cup 11.03.2006 Sorry, not passed (run-in)
Veteran-Cup - 2009 10.10.2009 Passed - with the age of 13 years and 2 month oldest dog in the competition
Breeding-licence (DRC) 08.10.1998 Qualified for hunting-breed

Summary of the German Retriever Club "Character-/Temperament-Test":
The 20 month old toller-bitch is very spirited and has a very high developed movement and activity drive.
Just as highly developed is her play instinct. Her bond to her handler is very good. She has a good subordination.
She is certain and unimpressed during the circle-test. She is fully resilient during the optical and acoustic test.
Her hunting instincts were highly visible.
She is friendly in contact with strangers, but mostly uninterested. (Her prey instincts are very distinctive.) She is steady to shoot.

Summary of the Breeding-Authorization-Test:
Good size, very typical, feminine head, ears could be carried better. Good built body, correct movement.